The Decolonise STEM Collective

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The Decolonise STEM Collective is a direct action group consisting of academics, activists and practitioners seeking to critically explore coloniality, privilege, and power in and around science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and the institutions that bolster and support the colonial matrix .

The creation of a collective to decolonise STEM (the material and theoretical outputs of what is broadly conceived as science, technology, engineering and mathematics, as well as the institutions that support them) is born with a sense of urgency and recognition that we must act if we are to survive the pervasive politics of the moment. This collective recognises how these politics – of empire and white supremacy – are deeply embedded and upheld by our hegemonic understanding of science, institutional practice, and emerging technologies. The intellectual and political wellspring of science and technology studies (STS), which provides some tools to unpack the relationship of science, technology and politics, is activism. It is our belief that this has to be reclaimed and enacted in concrete, shared decolonising practice.

For more about the collective, including our up and coming symposium: β€˜Decolonise STEM: Resisting, Unlearning and Imagining’, how to get involved, and our plans for the future then head to website @

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