Some Girl In Egypt

Since moving to Egypt people keep asking me the same question.


Itโ€™s a troublesome topic, largely because of my inability to express my reasoning in a tangible sentence. I canโ€™t say:

      "I moved here on a feeling."

The Uyghers: China's Muted Voices

There is an area north of Guiyangโ€™s central Nanming that is markedly different from the rest of the city. The colours are brighter; blues, yellows and oranges splatter the buildings. It smells exotic; the spices are particularized. Unusual sounds can be heard -- the hum is different -- the energy too [...]

Madam Mahjong

Not many people have heard of Guiyang, those who have, usually only know it for its reputation as being the poorest city in China. When I told several of my Hong Kongese friends that I lived in Guiyang they said that my decision to move to the area was an odd choice [...] 

The Hard Sleeper Train: Part 1. Beijing to Guiyang (1,346.0 Miles)

I was to embark on Chinaโ€™s longest rail route. The journey itself takes 36 hours and covers a massive 1,346 miles. Beginning in Beijingโ€™s wealthy northeast, it rattles west across the belly of China toward T1b*t, and finally lurches south, chugging steadily to the sub tropics of Kunming, Yunnan (the province that boarders Laos, Vietnam and Burma). Guiyang, my destination, was the last major city before Kunming [...] 

Vitaly Raskalov: Putting His Foot In It For Photography

On the night of March 25th skywalker Vitaly Raskalov, photographer Vadim Mahorov, and a team of companions slipped past the security at Giza, just outside of Cairo and scaled the restricted walls of the Great pyramid of Khufu. They photo documented their ascent to the summit and less than 24 hours later Mahorov's photographs had gone viral [...]

There Once Was A Spider

I filmed a fight between a bumblebee  and a spider. It was amazing to watch, as both insects were entirely out of their depth [...]

It's a Farmyard, Zombie Nation

I was tired, hungry, and covered in my friendโ€™s blood.

It had been six hours since we'd first entered A&E, and I had spent at least the last two of them staring haplessly at the out of order vending machine. I hadnโ€™t had a drink since sunset [...]

A Two Tone Town

Recently, I visited a town called Lavenham. It was full of orange and white architecture. So striking was the palate of the Place -- I threw together an 8 bit short [...]

Of Mermen and Castles

"Are you alright Miss? You look like you've seen the wild-man!"

I jumped at suddenly being brought back to my senses. The heritage worker looked at me with a mixture of amusement and concern. 

"Its just you've been up here for a long while, and the rest of your party is waiting in the gift shop" [...]